Pamela van BeekumMY PASSION...

My passion is working with precious metals, steel patina, semi-precious & precious stones, concrete, porcelain and clay. I am always looking for the edge & exploring. Forward trends catch my interest and I love to experiment. In my designs, I try to find where I can blend the hot & new with something from the traditional.

I began to design and create my own jewelry about 15 years ago after walking into a bead shop. I became fascinated by all the stones and components, finding that I could create exactly what I wanted for myself. My friends liked some of my creations and I began to give them as gifts. This morphed into a side business and here I am today, making another transition to this being my main business, full time. It's been a graduated journey that I am not enjoying to its fullest.

Production Methods
Jewelry pieces at STUDIO PAMELA are designed and meticulously handmade. The designs tend to be on trend or have some organic or whimsical viewpoint. The majority of the elements in my pieces are handcrafted. Outside of hand crafted parts, I do use acquired charms, chain and components in some of the pieces.
Custom or Commissioned Designs
If you see an item you would like to customize, please contact me and I will do my best to make that happen for you. I am also available for wholesale orders or  commissioned pieces.